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Beautiful small lake off an old county road in Jefferson County.
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Launch Area
Spectacular cliffs seen in the distance.
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Portable Hoyer lift lowers me into the kayak.
It took me years of trial and error, in a friend's pond, to reach this level of stability. I had dreamed of returning to Payne Lake for years.
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Once Steve and Marge realized I was in control they hung back so I could enjoy the serenity of the experience.
Commerically available adapters allow me to paddle without having my hands strapped on the paddle shaft. You can get a good look at them here.
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First time my wife and I paddled together in years.
Although some of my activities make her very nervous she rarely stands in my way.
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Steve and me. He facilitates so many of my "adventures."
Nature provides these unique gifts quite often.
IMG 6474
After several hours we headed back.
Heading in
The landing.
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Transferring back into my wheelchair
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I believe it's really good for able-bodied people to see what is possible.
What can I possibly say to Steve to tell him what this means to me? These opportunities provide the quality of life I need.
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Before my accident, Marge and I paddled this lake many times. Often on nights with a full moon. Today was the fulfillment of a dream. How many times do you dream of a special experience only to have it fall short of your expectations, this exceeded my wildest dreams.
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