Deadshot Treepod Asset to Wheelchair Hunter

Intro Deadshot Treepod Field of Fire Extreme X8 Intro Extreme X8 Leg Lateral DT Mount Basic Set Up Finished Set Up Extreme 4x4 Adaption Cutting End Welding Frame Welds Finished Mount Movement Spring 2014 Trigger Cort Blind 0525141059 Fall bird Fall 2014 Ghost Blind Cold Plywood setup Ply1 DSTP PLy Modified pic Standing frame Polaris RZR ATV Setup Base plate Andy ATV IMG952439 IMG 2035 INtro Manual Chair Frame Mock Mount Explanation Inside view Outside view Outer tube cut Cutting tube Ready to mount U-Bolt Goog look Bracket Mounted IMG 2017 Firing from manual chair Cort2 Intro Chairpod Deadshot-Chairpod DeadShot ChairPod Conclusion TRail Rider IMG 0112 - Copy Video Logo