Intro Introduction Cable ties Cable tie for Zzipper pull 2can make a bottle holder Close Up Cable tie trigger Cable ties making objects more accessible and compression wrap to improve grip Equipment used to make Trigger Adapter Cable tie loop used to fire gun Mouth firing adapter - Adaptive material 1) cable clamp, 2) tubing, 3) cable tie 4) electric tape, 5) string and 6) compression wrap Firing FD Shoelace and barrel slide Bottle control No Litter Book Book up 3 - Copy Book Clip Shoelace handle String on a pick up tool Cord door closer Door Clip Pick up tool IMG 0031 R7 Bottle Clip Assortment of dowels Tape this piece of dowel on knob and you can turn it Handle Adjusted - Copy Broom with dowel and stop untitled Dowel in rake handle prevents rake from turning over IMG 0048 Stop and compression wrap on handle of kayak paddle Alligator-Clips Alligator Clip IMG 0009 Hose Clamps Cable clamp on gun scope Dog collar loop Dog collar helping to open sliding door Inner Tube Loop Weed Wacker IMG 0040 Variety of PVC tubing Fishing pole holder and wooden dowel crank adaption Homemade fishing pole holder with shoulder strap Andy fishing PVC pipe on underside of wheelchair table which will slide over chair arms Table on wheelchair Stop Friction Making a STOP T Close up of shaft Close up of handle Stop Clip 2 GripElementMobbIndyDieCut1 - Copy Grip tape cut in strips because bottle is tapered Homemade wooden handle with grip tape Magnet available at Sears about 20 dollars Velcro taped on a washer Washer taped on plastic tool Foam, compression wrap and web loop Foam tilting a lap tray Foam building out handle and web loop Common materials that can be used Christpher Reeve