Tool Kit:

Having some tools readily available is very helpful.  Also to be more user friendly many of the tools have been modified by the manufacturer. Most can be purchased from stores like Sears, Home Depot and most hardware stores. Quite a few of the more unusual tools are available from Make Life Easier which is discussed in Handi Products.


Wrenches Standard & Metric

1 Allen wrenches which fold up for easy storage

2 T-Handle allen wrenches allow a better grip and good torque


3 Auto lock adjustable wrench

4 Ratcheting open ended wrench

5 Muli purpose wrench



6 Regular or T-Handle converts from a regular screwdriver with a shaft 

  coming off the end to a screwdriver with the shaft coming off the   


7 Ratchet Screwdriver

8 Container of screwdriver bits


Ratchet and Sockets

9 Multi-Angle Ratchet

10 Bicycle socket wrench

11 Socket screwdriver

    Can of assorted of sockets



12 Wooden folding ruler

13 Pry bar

14 length of pipe for added torque

    A couple of magnets of varying strength of magnetism

    Electric tape

    Friction tape


The gray tool visible below is a Nectec auto hammer which is costly but very useful. The nail is held in place by a magnetic head, a trigger is squeezed and when you gently push the hammer the nail is driven into the wood.

Tool basket

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Close up of tools

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