The Loop:

Here's an easy idea to make a devise for free which will help a person with poor grip or range of motion control a heavy or unwieldy piece of equipment. The way is to make a loop out of an old bicycle inner tube. Most bicycle shops are more than happy to give away used inner tubes and that's all you need for this piece of adaptive equipment.


Take the inner tube, make sure there is no Fix A Flat (a puncture sealing liquid already in some tubes) in the tube, and cut it more than twice the length you will need. You need the extra length to allow for the material used in making the knot. Take the two ends put them together and tie  them with an overhand knot. Make sure the knot is good and tight. Place the loop on the tool you want to control better using the prussik loop knot seen at the right.

Loop on a Weed Wacker

Slide your hand through the loop so that it rests on your wrist. You have a lot of control but it is not real rigid. The loop has give, yet facilitates smooth movement. Be certain to pay attention to the condition of your skin  especially if you have wrapped the loop around your wrist.

Loop on a large branch trimmer

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Old inner tube

Overhand knot


Prussik knot

Prussik knot pulled tight

Weed wacking