Anchoring A Hoyer Lift:

About a year after my injury we had our hot tub, which was out on our deck, placed on top of three pressure-treated eight by eights. The legs of the standard Hoyer lift would slide under the hot tub and I could be lowered into it.


This year we decided to tear down our old deck, which I had built, and replace it with a new one made out of Trex. When it was done, we had the hot tub placed directly on the deck. We decided to put in a surface mount for the manual Hoyer lift, which had been given to me, in concrete next to the hot tub so we could use the crane portion of the *Hoyer, to access the tub. Hoyer makes a surface mount unit which cost about $380, which is ridiculous. As I said in the page on Alternative Lifts, I thought would be very simple and inexpensive to have someone make one. I have a good friend who is a competent welder and he volunteered his services. You can see the mount he made below, which is completely made from scrap pieces of metal he already had. Even though he did not want any money we gave him some anyway.

*Hoyer manufactures only one model, known as the Classic or Extended Range Lift, which can lower an individual all the way to the ground.

Shows the hole being dug for the pier.

The contractor, who has actually taken me Ice Fishing before, said he would be more than willing to help put in the concrete pier the surface mount would be placed on. He used a post hole digger and a shovel to dig a hole over 4 feet deep (4 feet is the frost line in NNY). The soil had a high concentration of clay so there was no side wall collapse which eliminated the need for a form.


However, it was necessary to place a form at the top since the pier would be 6" above the ground. Rebar was also placed in the pier for strength. The hole was filled with concrete and 4 bolts that were a foot long, with 2" galvanized square washers placed on the bottom, were inserted into the concrete. After 7 days of drying, form was removed and the surface mount attached to the bolts and it was ready for use.

The crane in place ready for use.

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Old days in the hot tub

New hot tub set up

$380 Hoyer Surface Mount

One made by a local welder

Post Hole Digger

Waiting for concrete to cure

Diagram of set up


Ready for use

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