An Additional Trigger Adapter:

Andy Dahman was lucky, the second year after his injury, he had a foundation that takes disabled people hunting invite him to go on a hunt. They took Andy and his sister Elk hunting. The foundation provided the gun Andy used and he thought it was pretty cool. A side by side ATV set up with a gun rack in front of the passenger seat, that held the rifle was also provided. The hunter could swing the weapon from side to side a little and it had a little up and down adjustment.


Please understand, as in anything you do, there are certain inherent risks involved. Try this adapter at your own risk.


This adaption is described from memory and observation. A hand brake and cable from a bicycle was used to allow the user to pull the trigger. A hole, slightly larger the cable was drilled in the trigger guard and then through the trigger using a diamond drill bit and a Dremel.  The brake cable was then passed through the holes. A part of a pop revet was then crimped on the cable above the trigger. The handle portion of the brake was mounted on the underside of the grip area of the stock. When the brake handle was pulled upwards by the wrist part of the arm the weapon fired. The pulling motion is a lot easier for an individual with quadriplegia then squeezing.


This adapter is show as an example of what can be done. Handihelp does not recomend trying to put this on a weapon by yourself.

Using a bicycle brake

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In gun case

With elk

Kayaking in the Snake River


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