Lap Desk:

I am fortunate to have a very special daughter-in-law. Recently, in preparation for a long car ride, she help her children make lap desks so they could do activities during the trip. I thought a lap desk would be very useful for me and others who spend a lot of time in a bed or wheelchair. I asked Kim if  she would be willing to make one for me and I also told her I would like to put it on Handihelp. Not only was she more than willing to do so but Kim also wrote a detailed step-by-step instructional of how it was made.

1. Choose a top:  We wanted a top with a bit of a lip on the outsides to avoid things sliding off so we used an old wooden puzzle bottom but it can be made with any top:  wood, tray, etc.  Measure the dimensions.


2. Pick a fabric:  We chose a flannel fabric so it was comfortable and wouldn’t slide too easily.  Cut it so there is an equal length on all sides. 

The amount you leave on the sides will be equal to the depth of the cushion under the desk.


3. Shape into a cushion:  In this case, we made a 5 inch cushion.  Fold the corners with the good side of the fabric together.  Then measure and sew down at 5 inches from the corner (so if your cushion depth is only 3 inches, sew at 3 inches).  Cut the excess corner fabric off.


The cushion will then have taken a box shape.

Making a box


4. Piping:  The sew piping around the cut edges.  I bought this piping in a matching color but you can make your own as well.  (B) Sew the piping on the outside of the good edge of the cushion.


(C) Now you have your complete cushion with piping.


5. Glue:  It’ll be the piping that you hot glue to the desk top.  Start with a corner and work your way around leaving a big enough opening to stuff the cushion.

Gluing and readying to stuff desk

6. Stuffing:  Stuff the cushion with fill.  We used polyfill and left it pretty ‘fluffy’ again thinking this might help balance the desk and leave it in place.


7. Finish:  Once you’re done filling the cushion, hot glue the last bit of piping and you’re done!

Lap desk at work

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My daughterin-law Kim

Desk top

Sewing piping

Finishing piping


Gluing closed

Finished product

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