Simple Door Closer:

Individuals in wheelchairs often have a hard time closing the door behind them. I have used my Rope and Hook to close doors but my friend Andy has shared this idea with me. Here is a simple way for a person in a wheelchair to close a door. Get a fairly long piece of rope or cord that is not too thick in diameter. Take one end of the cord and tie it to the front handle of the door and tie the other end around the middle hinge. Allow there to be some sag in the cord. When passing through the door just reach back and grab the cord to pull the door shut behind you. If for some reason you want to be able to also pull the door open as well as close it continue to bring the cord to the back of the door by passing it over the middle hinge. Now go around to the other side of the door, grab the cord and draw it across the back to the door knob. Tie the cord to the back door knob. Allow there to be some sag in the cord on both sides of the door. The diameter of the cord or rope you use must be small enough so it does not interfere with the ability of the door to close. Our house has easy open door handles that don’t hold the cord very well especially if attached with a loop. I have now attached the cord to the shaft of the handle using a clove hitch shown at the right. This works great and can easily be removed.


You can also notice in the pictures at the left that one of the interior French Door has a deadbolt lock in the upper right corner. I have attached a cord to the bolt so I can pull it down to open it.


While Marge was away for some much deserved rest and relaxation I needed to close some inside doors I normally never use. Marge, I was sure, would not want the strings hanging there all the time so the closer had to be removable. Looking at the hinge I noticed there where open slits in the hinge. I tied an Overhand Knot in one end of a piece of parachute cord and slid it down into the slit so the knot was on the back of the hinge. The other end was fixed to the handle and I was in business. If the hinge is solid tie and narrow loop of string around the hinge and tie the cord to that loop. You can then leave the loop in place and remove the cord. 

Door closer set up

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Clove hitch

Cord attached to deadbolt a top of door

String vs parachute cord

Cord slid into middle hinge

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