Paper Pick Up:

Magnet opened, closed and washer

To pick up a piece of paper on the floor get a thin flat washer, which is fairly large, and drop it on the floor near the piece of paper.  Use a Telescoping Magnetic Pick Up Tool which cost about $20 at Sears to slide the piece of paper over the washer. Then using the magnet pick up the paper with the washer underneath it.  I made modifications to the handle of the magnet, not only to make it easier to use, but also for it to be more functional.  I took a loop of Velcro and taped it onto the handle with electric tape both eliminating my problem of poor grip and also allowing me to pick up some cloth items with the Velcro. When the Velcro on the handle became less effective I placed a patch of the "hook" side of Velcro on a flat washer and now that can be to used pick up some cloth items. As I continued to use the Mega-Mag Magnetic I began to think a large piece of flat metal would be quite functional. I had a friend cut a pan of metal out that was 5” x 6”. The large pan worked very well.  Place the pan on an angle and slide it under what you want to pick up. At right, you can see me picking up a pen, it can also be used to pick up dropped CD and many other objects. The larger area makes the task much easier.

A number of adaptions which work with magnet

As I mentioned on my homepage I am constantly revisiting the tools that I have made to see if they can be improved. A while ago, one edge of the metal pan was turned up to prevent objects from rolling or sliding off. Other additions include a magnetic hook purchased at Wal-Mart for $2.00. Remove the magnet from the back of the hook and attach it to the Mega-Mag and it can be used to hook some articles. I have also begun taping a flat washer to some plastic items enabling their pick up with the magnet. A new or used Electrode can be fastened to a washer using a piece of two way tape. This setup will pick up many light weight objects. Sears now sells the magnet with a small mirror attachment, which is removable, and I  have added a metal flashlight to my accessories. These modifications make the Pick Up tool even more versatile. 

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Picking up paper

Using the pan

Puzzle piece on pan

Plastic tool with washer taped on it

Velcro washer picking up knit hat

Electro kit

Picking up a DVD with pan

Washer with Velcro on it

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