Andy's Trigger Adapter

Please understand, as in anything you do, there are certain inherent risks involved. Try this adapter at your own risk.

A fellow hunter Andy Dahmen contacted me after seeing some information I posted on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation website. He also is a quadriplegic and enjoys the out-of-doors as I do. He has created some interesting adaptions to allow him to peruse the activities he loves. Andy has also agreed to share some of his adaption on Handihelp. If you have read my blogs you know that I believe very strongly that are multiple ways to solve a problem. This is very obvious when we look at the device he created to allow him to fire his rifle.


Here is the adaptation for shooting my gun. My friend put this together for me. I am not sure where he found a piece of metal with a square hole through it, but he did. That piece is just welded to a piece of uni-strut which is bolted around the stock of the gun. We coated it with rubber so it would not scratch the stock plus it does not want to slide. The trigger puller is just the right size of square stock that is bent into an s shape and a handle. I use the back of my hand to pull back on the handle which in turns fires the gun.


Handihelp strongly caution anyone who will be setting up this trigger adapter to make sure you are familiar with the weapon you are using and follow the directions as carefully as possible. When you are ready to try this  adapter begin practicing using Snap Caps. It is not wise to fire your gun when it is empty. It puts stress on the firing pin and can actually do damage. Snap Caps can be used in place of live ammunition and eliminate any unnecessary stress on the firing pin. Before you use live ammunition you should have an able-bodied companion first fire the weapon. The purpose of these procedures is to reduce any possible problems prior to your use of the trigger adapter. Putting one of these trigger adapters on your gun is not that difficult. What is difficult is to pay attention to the details so that you put it on correctly. All normal gun safety precautions should be followed.

Andy's trigger adapter

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