Additional Gun Modifications:

While most hunters think shooting off a rest in the field would just about guarantee a bull's eye every time, hunters with disabilities know the reality. In theory this is probably true, but we who hunt with shooting rests know the problems. Compromised strength, lack of range of motion, muscle spasms, inability to line up with the weapon and other problems make it difficult to “hold” steady for a good clean shot. I have found further modifications can increase our chances of success.


Parallax, or vision distortion, is a problem for many wheelchair bound hunters who use a scope. I solved mine by using red dot scopes. While they work well in the East, where shots over 100 yards are unusual, they will not work for hunters in the West who sometimes shoot over 300 yards. Don Christensen, of A Far Cry, has solved this by placing solid tubing in the scope mounts and then placing the scope along the tube where parallax is eliminated. You must be careful the scope does not strike your face when the weapon is fired.

Scope mounting technique


Most hunters with limited range of motion are unable to squeeze the trigger creating a host of problems. While trigger adapters are available commercially they are expensive, and to the best of my knowledge, require use of a hand which is problematic. Since the trigger must be pulled instead of squeezed, the pulling from a side tends to pull the weapon in that direction. Another issue is the hand then is unavailable to help steady the gun. My Poor Man’s Trigger Adapter (PMTA) eliminates both of these problems. The weapon is fired by slightly moving your neck backward so the cable tie squeezes the trigger, drawing evenly on its center leaving both hands free.


How to keep the weapon stable for the shot? Again there are commercial products available that will help, but it is also possible to make modifications to the shooting rest or use a combination of both. You can purchase an ergonomic thumb hole pistol grip stock or a regular pistol grip stock at Cabela's which will improve stability. Years ago I bought a pistol grip stock for my shotgun. If you do not want to spend the money for these expensive stocks ($70 to $100) it is possible to modify the shooting rest.  I have bolted a pistol grip like extension on both of my shooting rests which I use when I hunt with my rifle. This adaption is very simple to put on the Bog Gear XSR. My left hand which has limited strength and range of motion is placed in a web loop which is attached to the post that holds the shooting rest. When ready for a shot I pull the loop toward my shoulder stiffening the entire system. I can also influence the gun's elevation by the amount of force I use to draw the weapon in.


Another modification I have made is to the scope. I have placed a radiator hose clamp on the dial that controls magnification on my rifle scope, minimizing the effects of parallax to some degree. This simple change is also used to control the intensity of the Red Dot on my shotgun scope, as well as, turning it on or off.

Ready to fire

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Added pistol grip

XSR with pistol grip

Hose clamp on scope selector

Hose clamp

Close up of grip

Stock with pistol grip

Handle added on new Deadshot

Don with his buck

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