Rope & Hook:

Once I mastered picking up flat objects I turned my attention to trying to create something that would allow me to pick up round or cylindrical shaped items.  Again, it was a matter of trial, error and frustration. What I ended up with is simple and performs many different functions. All you need is a length of strong rope and an "S" hook. The rope I use is either Spectra Cord  or Paracord and can be purchased in most stores which sell outdoor equipment. The "S" hook I took off one of my wife's hanging plants. By pure luck the opening of the hook fits securely around the neck of a soda bottle so I can easily pick up a bottle I drop. The "S" hook could also be bent to achieve a desired opening. If you feed the hook through the loop handle you can use it as a lasso to pick up objects with a greater diameter such as a large bottle.  In making the handle it is best to use a knot called a bowline which can never get any tighter, so you do not have to worry about the rope tightening on your hand.  The knot on the other end is a double half hitch.  That knot is one that never loosens once it is tight.  The rope can be fastened directly to the "S" hook or make the connection with a rapid link, also available in any outdoor store. You also can place a magnet on the hook to pick up pieces of metal that you have dropped. Placing a loop of Velcro through the handle also will increase the rope and hook's functions. Once you start using the rope and hook you will find many other things to do with it.  Re: Closing doors, picking up most things that have a loop on it (which is why I put a Loop Handle on most everything I use).

Lasso loop on left - hook on the right

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Hooked bottle

Looped bottle

Closing door

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