Trailer Hitch:

Recently I received an e-mail asking me about how I attached the trailer hitch to my 4 wheel drive chair  This is exactly why I created the site, to exchange ideas. Surely we can share ideas and information to make things easier for all of us.  I took several pictures of the hitch on the back of my wheelchair.  I will try to explain what I did.  On Cabelas website I found a hitch that was meant to go on the front of an All Terrain Vehicle. It mounted with two u-bolts on a bar which was part of the frame.  I attached  it to a stationary bar on the back of my wheelchair which you can see in the attached photographs.  The hole in the back was too close to the chair to allow the tongue of the wagon to attach. So, I asked a local welder to make me a flat piece of metal about 6 inches long with a hole at each end.  One hole I connected with a sturdy eye bolt to the piece I bought from Cabelas. The other end I connect to whatever I am towing using a draw pin.  You can also use the eyebolt for connecting a cable or rope if  necessary. For your information, the lawn roller I am using in the picture weighs 400 pounds.

Hitch diagram

website statistics


With drawbar

Towing a 400 pound roller

Using the strap

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