Lacrosse Stick:

Another tool which I find useful for recovering small objects that I cannot pick up with any of my other devices is a youth lacrosse stick. They can be purchased in almost any store which sells sporting goods or in the children’s toy section and are quite inexpensive.  They are made of plastic so are light weight and easy to manipulate.  I have modified mine by wrapping the entire shaft with gripping material and placing a web loop on the end.  I am limited as to what I can pick up by the weight of the object I am trying to lift. I can slide my wrist through the loop which allows me to lift the stick a little easier and also pick it up if dropped using the loop.  In the pictures on the right you can see a flash drive I dropped.  Most of the time you will need to move the object you are trying to pick up against a solid backstop.  Then it is just a matter of sliding the head of the stick under the object and lifting it up. Also I get great exercise using the lacrosse stick, by picking up and throwing tennis balls for our dog Foxy.

Kids stick

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Flash drive

Picking it up

Throwing a tennis ball

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