USB/Memory Card Tool:

Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a way of attaching peripheral devices to a computer. Every time I had to plug a cord into a USB port it was frustrating. Between my lack of grip, inability to hold the plug oriented straight and the lack of strength to push it into the computer port the attempt usually created much frustration before success. A few days ago I decided to do something about it.


Using a piece of half inch PCV pipe I cut several pieces the longest of which was about 4”. Using a hacksaw I cut a narrow channel approximately 2” long in the 4” piece. Then cut 2 shorter lengths which were then placed in a half inch tee and the tool was ready.


As you can see the USB cable is placed in the channel and drawn backward until the plug becomes snug in the end. The tool is then used to manipulate the plug into the port. After the plug is in, a slight downward movement will separate the plug from the tool.

USB cord ready to plug in

Always looking to make my tools, multi-functional I decided to address my other major computer problem which is putting a memory card in the slot. Up until today I could not do it myself. Using a hacksaw I cut 2 parallel slits very close together on one of the sections making one of the handles. It took several pieces to get the right opening for the card to fit in. It is still difficult for me to get the card in the slit, but at least I have a chance now. When finished glue parts together with Super Glue.

Memory card ready to be put into computer

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USB plugged in


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