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Make Life Easier is a website and catalog, which not only has a lot of products, though not specifically for the disabled many can still be very helpful. I have been buying from them for many years. The products are well made, hold up to demanding use, are usually inexpensive and shipping is free. Many offer themselves to simple adapting to become more user friendly often for other purposes such as the set below.

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As you can see, the broom and dust pan cost only $8.00 and I believed could easily be adapted to pick things up off the floor. The dustpan measures about 32" high x 9-3/8" wide x 7-1/2" deep and is durable yet lightweight plastic. What caught my eye was the fact the pan is at a 900 angle to the handle, making it possible to adapt it for picking things up off the floor. Although probably not necessary, I glued the sections together. Before assembly I had a Universal Grip Handle, also from Make Life Easier, placed on the upper part of the panhandle. To finish the adaption off Friction Tape was spiraled around the lower section. Below, I have used the adapted device to pick up a container of CD disks by pushing it to the dry sink and sliding the pan under it.


The job I really bought the dustpan for was as a tool which would allow me to feed the dogs when my wife is gone.  A challenge I have been trying to solve since my injury. My nurse fills the dog dishes, before she leaves, and places them on the microwave. I am able to get them down on the kitchen counter and slide them onto the dustpan and then lower the dish to the ground. I feel smug every time I do it.


For a look at another object lifter check out Picking Up Larger Objects.

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Universal Grip Handle

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Feeding dog

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