Universal Chair Mount:

The Universal Chair Mount (UCM) is the culmination of a project Handihelp has been working on for quite a while. Our thanks goes out to Andy Dahmen, Don of Don's Prop Shop and Doug of Colonial Welding for their input and effort in helping to bring this project to fruition. Using the Universal Chair Mount along with the Inexpensive Gun Mount and the Poor Man's Trigger Adapter should provide all the equipment needed for a quadripelgic to resume hunting for under $200. Also, look at the Pistol Grip Modification which will further stabilize the weapon. Make sure to check out Andy's Chair Mount.


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Part Identification:

Mounting systems for wheelchairs are very expensive. Handihelp has tried to create a mount which can be made by a welder or machinist near you using the blueprints found here. The T-bar and the mount itself should be made from 6061 aluminum. We have tried to make the mount easy to construct in order to keep it inexpensive.

UCM Parts Identification


When the mount is made you can have the diameter of the hole made any size you want. If you have it made .708” (slightly larger than 5/8") you can use the original BOG POD BLD monopod. Other equipment you use with this mount, a table for instance, must also have a 5/8” (inside diameter) post. Drawings are not to scale.

UCM measurements

Side View:

Remember after the hole for the tighting bolt is drilled in the mount the inside must be threaded so the bolt will tighten. The large cylinder on the side of the mount itself is an adaption placed on the tightening bolt to make it easier to turn.

UCM on chair pan

It should be noted that some of the measurements differ from the plan to the finished product because scrap pieces of aluminum were used to make it as cheaply as possible. The cost was around $80.

Before you use the chair mount to hold and fire a weapon,, you should have an able-bodied companion use it first. You should also be aware of and vigilant for potential pressure sores on the parts of your legs which are over the mount plate. Please understand, as in anything you do, there are certain inherent risks involved. Try this apparatus at your own risk.

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UCB Assembly Instructions:

Using the flat T-bar as a pattern, begin by  centering it on the seat pan about a 1/2" from the front edge. Mark and drill the holes in the seat pan of you wheelchair. Place the T-bar on the top of the seat. Put the bolts through the holes. On the under- side of the pan place large flat washers on the bolt ends and fasten in place using the lock nuts. Place the aluminum mount under the flat T-bar sticking out from your chair. Place the two Allen bolts through the adjustment slots into  the holes in the mount. The final step is to adjust the screws  in the slot locating the mount where you want it.

Bog Pod Monopod


Two views

Receiver with tightener


Mounted on chair

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