Monopod Update:

This was one of the original pages of my website. I had modified the first monopod long before I built my website. Last week the first one broke so I can show how it’s done. The first one I used is no longer made so I purchased a Sunpak Compact Monopod 2 which is similar for $32 online. Often you will see photographers at professional football games using them. The camera is attached to a platform on the top of a single post which rests on the ground. It has a telescoping feature which allows you to line the camera up directly with your line of sight. The platform turns and rotates in any direction you might want and is adjustable up and down.  I made some modifications to the bottom of the monopod to enable it into fit in the mount on my wheelchair. I removed the bottom telescoping section and replaced it with a piece of tubing which would fit into my chair mount. Actually, it was quite simple.  I have a Nikon 600, which is very, very user friendly for anyone with grip or range of motion problems. The only exception is do to impaired hand function it is difficult for me to find the shutter button, which is located on the front of the camera where it is curving away. What I came up with was gluing a buffer wheel from a Dremel tool on the shutter button. It sticks up above the camera frame so is easy to see and locate.


I also have a large telescope, that you can see in the picture on the right, that slides right onto the platform of the monopod.  I enjoy taking pictures or using the telescope to watch sporting events or wildlife.

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