Loc-Line - A Useful Product:

The Loc-Line system, available from Modular Hose, has been around since 1983. I first ran into it at Craig Hospital where I did my rehabilitation in 1999. A Plexiglas book holder I received had 2 Loc-Line arms to hold the pages down. The tremendous potential was obvious even back then. Handihelp has been trying to find a source for components and information on the product ever since. The other day, I went on a website maintained by the University of New Hampshire which not only a has  directions for building usable adaptive equipment with Loc-Line, but also has a link to the manufacturer of the product, Modular Hose, which has an Assistive Technology section.

In the Assistive Technology section there are not only pre-made adaptive devices which can be purchased on line but also a wide range of kits which will let creative novices make their own devices. The tapered skirt design of Loc-Line allows full articulation of the ball. Loc-Line's unique ball and socket design is fully hand adjustable in both position and length. Repeated positioning is easy and it will stay in position without any spring back.

Loc-Line head switch

Solutions for switch configurations include head, arm, or leg switch setups for evaluations or long term.

There are pliers designed for assembly, but are not required to assemble the Loc-Line parts together. The pliers are recommended because they make assembly work quick and easy. Without the pliers, there is no real "trick" to getting them assembled, it is a matter of force. Assembly can be made easier by first rubbing the Loc-Line ball with your fingers and then snapping them together.

PVC to Loc-Line adapters

Also available on the website are a large number of pieces which allow Loc-Line to be connected to PVC pipe and vice versa.


Below is a rearview mirror I made using Loc-Line which will snap on any section of wheelchair tubing. Note the flexibility of the Loc-Line.

Rear view mirror

Loc-Line has a You Tube Channel that shows a number of videos explaining the construction of a number of adaptive pieces of equipment.

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Uses for Loc-Line

Loc_line on aluminum tubing

iPad Holder

Clip on with button

Clip on

Unit on wheelchair

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