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A neighbor called me asking for some information which would be helpful to a friend who had a disability. In addition to the material she asked for I included some apps which I have found useful. I had been thinking about a page like this for a while and her call for information made me decide to create this page. I should point out that I do not have a cell phone. Infrequent use does not justify the expense. All the following apps were downloaded from the Apps Store on iTunes.


*Audio Books:

AudioBooks is an app available from iTunes that provides a service which will benefit many members of the disabled community. The app is free and has a library of more than 60,000 Audiobooks in a variety of genres. It even has 2500 which are free. Once you sign up your first book is free and from what I've seen the prices of the books are quite reasonable. You have the choice of downloading or streaming the audiobook to your iPhone or iPad. Some books are even available in different languages. Educational audio courses are available in over 45 different languages.


Handihelp Mobile:

Free app lets you access the Handihelp website from your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or iPad. It also has a couple things that are not on the website.


ADA In 3D:

This $3.99 app is an illustrated and interactive version of the 2010 Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design. The 2010 standards became enforceable by the Department of Justice in 2012. Now you can see the standards in 3D pictures and models. Features include: Over 320 easy to read images, Over 100 interactive 3D models, 8 quizzes to test your knowledge,

Links to the ADA website and hotline, Map feature to find ADA Centers near you and Links to other resources.


My Health:

This $0.99 app allows you to keep track of all your medical information like the Emergency Medical Sheet but on your smart phone or iPad. You can easily store and retrieve vital health information such as medications, medical history,emergency contact information, chronic conditions, special needs and lab results. A key feature is the ability to import images such as EKGs or xrays, etc.


Pocket Pharmacist:

At $2.99 the Pocket Rx is a bargain. Its primary goal is to help people better understand prescription medication in order to prevent drug interactions, side effects and unnecessry drug therapy. The Pocket Rx will keep track of your medications, allergies, Doctors, pharmacies and alert you to any potential drug interaction.


Lose It:

Lose It is an app that is available free and can be used with iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad. It is designed to help people lose weight. While it is set up for the general population it is easy to adapt for any individual with a disability. What lends itself so nicely to adaption is the fact that you can add both foods and exercise to the program. Existing categories within exercise can be manipulated to reflect your level of partition. For those of us who have specialized dietary consideration in addition to keeping track of calories Lose It can be set up to monitor Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Carbohydrates, Sugar, Fiber and Protein in our daily diet.


Dragon Dictation:

If you have read any of my product reviews you know I'm not a big fan of Dragon Naturally Speaking which is on my computer. That said I feel that Dragon Dictation, which I have on my iPad, works much better. Dragon records while you speak, at a point of its choosing it will stop and print what you said. Before dictating again you must see where the program stopped recording and begin there. With Dragon you can update directly to your Social Networking applications. Best of all it is free.


Skype for iPad:

Skype for iPad is free and provides the iPad user with a phone connection. You can call anyone with Skype Plus for  free. Add a little Skype Credit and you can call any landline or moble phone for a small charge. You are only charged when you call and your credit remains even if you don't use it over a long period of time. You have additional insurance when you have your iPad with you.


1 Click Flashlight:

It just makes sense to me to have an option like this on either a cell phone or iPad in case of an emergency. This one is free and has several useful features like a dimmer slide.


The Weather Channel:

I also strongly recommend some type of weather app that has an early warning system for weather emergencies. I use the Weather Channel app which is free and provide a number of other benifits such as weather tools to plans your day, week or even next hour. NOAA Weather Radio is another free weather app with an early warning system.


More apps will be added as they are found and evaluated. I would encourage you to visit the App Store on iTunes to find other apps that would specifically benifit you.

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