Blogs from Handihelp are often posted on Bespoken, which is run by the Blackwood Foundation, in the United Kingdom. I was asked to take a look at the entries in their 2013 Blackwood Student Design Contest. Two of them really impressed me because of how simple, practical and inexpensive they were. Most practical and far reaching, I feel, is the entry from Michael Tougher who is a student at the Glasgow School of Art. 


Michael, who calls his idea INDEPENDENCE, states (Handihelp has done some editing) "In many areas of the world sleeping on the floor is a way of life due to a lack of resources and/or cultural traditions. For people who are disabled, getting into a wheelchair unassisted can be a real problem."


"This solution provides an easy and inexpensive method for those who are wheelchair bound to get in and out of their chairs independently. It is possible for this design to be made locally by someone in their community."


One thing Handihelp likes about this idea is, as Micheal demonstrates in his video, commonly available objects can be used so it is not aways necessary to have his step unit constructed.

Working one's way back into chair

Person pivots around and up each level for an easy transition into the wheelchair

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Underdeveloped country

Sleeping on the floor>

Moving up 1

Moving up 2

In to chair

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