Another DeadShot TreePod Mount:

Don Christensen, an avid outdoorsman with a disability, founded both The Back Forty and A Far Cry, websites for hunters who are disabled. On his website he explains his situation:


"I live in Northwestern Wisconsin. I grew up in Southern Minnesota and have always loved to hunt and fish. As I grew older, these interests expanded into some fantastic experiences all over the country. Unfortunately, in the late 1990s I was diagnosed with MS. This created a pretty major stumbling block to the activities that I enjoy. I have gone from spending weeks hiking or canoeing in the wilderness to the point of being quadriplegic in a wheelchair relying on only my mouth to shoot. These physical limitations, while slowing me down a great deal, have not stopped me. I found that I have to work a lot harder than the average bear to accomplish most tasks, but if I was willing to put in the work, many things are still do-able."


Don and I have been communicating for several years. As soon as I found about the Deadshot Treepod I sent him information about it. Realizing its potential he bought one and has begun experimenting. As I have stated, a number of times, I believe the DeadShot has a lot of possibilities for hunters with a variety of disabilities.


Even so, Don has taken adapting the TreePod to new heights by using it in combination with his standing frame. His Treepod has been bolted to a small sturdy table inorder to  increase its height. When sending me the picture below he was quick to point out he was using his finger to pull the trigger. This set up is similar to what is found on in More TreePod Optiions.

Don with the new set up

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Don with this years buck

Spring gobbler

Buck in the snow

Doe from years ago

Don hide way blind

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