Andy's Chair Mount:

Important Consideration:

Andy’s Chair Mount gives us a unique opportunity to discuss an important idea to keep in mind when making/creating adaptive equipment. Andy and I designed the Universal Chair Mount plans together. We gave the exact same plans to skilled individuals in New York, where I live and in Utah where Andy lives. As you can see from the pictures, we ended up with two very different looking mounts, and that’s the point. The plans, pictures and ideas shown on the pages of this website should serve as a guide or starting point, rather than a blueprint which must be followed exactly. There are 3 features that all chair mounts must have in common: a hole for the post to go into, a mechanism to lock the post in place, and a way to attach the mount to a wheelchair.  How these necessities are produced is up to the builder. Look how different our two mounts are. Yet, they both attain the desired outcome, a functional universal chair mount.


This site provides possible solutions for accomplishing certain outcomes but they should be looked at as starting points instead of “set-in-stone” solutions. What is offered here is the start of developing an attitude toward dealing with the challenges imposed on us by our disabilities, rather than a source of solutions for solving our challenges.

Andy's UCM

Andy's Mount Information:

The aluminum silver mount is 4.5 inches long by 2 inches wide by 1 inch thick. They used .25 inch machine bolts for the 3 bolts used on the mount. The hole for the monopod is centered 1 inch from the front face of the mount.


The T-bar is made of 1/4" metal plate. The portion that contains the mounting bolts is 6 inches long by 1.5" wide. The adjustment slots are 1.5" long. The craftsman used a small piece of rectangular 1/4" plate that has been drilled and tapped to lock the mount in place. The machine bolts from the mount pass through the adjustment slots and then screw into the Lock Plate. Drawings are not to scale.


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Side view of mount


Mount with post


Bottom view

Side view

Base with receiver

Andy with his elk

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