Homemade Cutting Board:

Handihelp recently received an e-mail in which the person stated "I'm looking for a specific cutting board which will prevent food from turning when you try to slice it.  It is a cutting board with 2 nails that come up through the middle so one can press an onion or the like over the nails to hold it in place while cutting. Can you please tell me where I can buy one?"


My answer was to make one yourself or have a friend make one for you. You could start with a piece of plywood. The top picture, at the right, shows a piece of ½” plywood with a framing square to show where it could be cut for a cutting board.(¾” plywood would work) One could also use a piece of 2”x 6”or 8” or purchase a cutting board and modify it. If using a hardwood or plywood board it is probably easier to drill the holes rather than to hammer the nails through the wood yourself. Drill the holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the nails. I would recommend using 30 or 40 penny nails.  A penny is the measurement for nails and uses the symbol d.  A 30d nail is 4½" long and a 40d nail is 5". Measure the thickness of your board and subtract it from the overall length of the nail and you will know how much of the nail will show above the board. Flatten the nail tip with a blow from the hammer. Place the nail holes approximately 1½” apart. Hammer the nails through the predrilled holes.


My wife told me cutting boards are not supposed to be washed because it would leave soap residue in the wood which affect the taste of what would be cut. Super Grip was sprayed on the bottom before attaching non slip material.

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