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It was very difficult for me to watch my wife have to do many of the chores that formerly were my responsibility.  Our house sits on approximately 2 1/2 acres and most of that is lawn.  Even though we purchased a riding lawnmower, mowing the lawn still consumed much of her time.  I bought a gang mower, which you can see on the right, and that helped but it did not mow weeds and other things that stuck up beyond a certain height.  Gang mowers are primarily used on places where the lawn is very manicured such as golf courses. However, there were times when it was helpful. The mower hooks up to my four-wheel drive wheelchair.


I decided it might be possible to make an attachment to go on my wheelchair that would hold the handle of a regular lawnmower in place.  I started with a piece of 3/4" pipe and purchased a "T".  The handle portion of the adapter was just a little bit longer than the handle of our lawnmower.  We attached small clamping devices for the lawnmower handle to clip into.  The base of the lawnmower was not held tightly in place so the attachment would be able to turn as the wheelchair turned.  It worked much better than I expected the first time I used it, but the small clamps were bent out of shape from time to time and the handle of the mower slipped out of the bracket. Since then I have used two straps of velco to fasten the two handles together.  I do not fasten the lawn mowers "kill" bar on the device I would rather hold it with my hand so if there is a problem I can let go of it and the mower will shut off automatically.


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