Andy's Manual Chair Mounts:

Two great things about the Deadshot Treepod are that it is inexpensive and  easily adapted for attachment to a variety of both power and manual wheelchairs. In Mounting a Treepod to an ATV you can see how Andy Dahmen first adapted the Deadshot Treepod to go on his All Terrain Vehicle. If you look at the Manual Mount you can see that my friend Andy used the same technique for attaching the mount to his power assist manual wheelchair. He is going on an elk hunt in early September and he wanted to have the choice of using either option. We had talked about the adaption while Andy was here and helped me man the Handihelp booth at the Clayton Rotary's Gun and Sportsman show in Clayton New York.


Andy decided the best point of attachment was to the leg tube. It was necessary to buy a second base unit and cut the base plate off.  In a recent email he said: "Sent you some pictures showing my Treepod set up on my power assists wheelchair. That was how I shot last weekend. You can see I just U bolted it to the frame of my wheelchair. It was actually very stable. We used those big black wing nuts to make it easy to get on and off."

Treepod on manual power assist manual chair

He was especially satisfied with the adapted pistol grip he came up with. "I also sent you a picture of my handle mounted on the Treepod. That worked out real well. For the pistol grip I just took a ½” PVC tee and cut the edges just enough so that it would snap over the Treepod tubing. It actually fits very tight and does not need any tape or anything. But you can still move it around a bit." Clever!

Homemade pistol grip

Trail Rider Treepod Mount:

Andy recieved a Elk Permit this year and was not quite sure where he was going to hunt. In order to give himself the most options he decided to make sure he could place the Treepod Mount on the Uniwheel Carrier which  would give him access to places his wheelchair could not go. Andy hunted from this rig part of opening weekend.

Close up of Treepod on Trail Rider

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Handihelp display at Clayton Sportsman Show

Andy and me at Sportsman Show

Separation of footplate and post

Left side view

Front view

Right outside view

Andy on Trail Rider

Trail Rider with Treepod Mount

Andy with elk shot years ago

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