Matt's Chair Mount:

Matt Ednie, from Wyoming, has been nice enough to share pictures and information on his wheelchair mount which was made for him in 2010 in the Adaptive Engineering Department at Craig Hospital.


The adaptive equipment from Craig is made on an individual basis for Craig patients and is not available to the general public.


Matt has written: "I've been a C 5-6 quadriplegic since 1994, the result of a motorcycle accident. Prior to my accident I had been an avid hunter; and after my accident, getting back behind a rifle was one of my highest priorities. A little while back I decided to reevaluate my shooting set up, which consisted of a chair mounted table, a bipod, a piece of surgical tubing, and an adaptive trigger. Pictures of this arrangement  can be found elsewhere on this site at 4-A Trigger."


"I underwent six months of rehab, following my accident, at Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. It was there I became reacquainted with the term, 'problem-solving'. I'm sure everyone who's reading this is well acquainted with the phrase and its fundamental premise; that there are all kinds of ways to accomplish a given objective, and some of those ways work better than others depending on an individual's level of injury and abilities. It was in the spirit of problem solving that I came across Handihelp, and in particular the sections titled Inexpensive Gun Mount and Universal Chair Mount."


"I recognized I already had something that would work in place of this site's Universal Chair Mount. It was part of a system made for me by a Colorado machinist to support a pair of heavy binoculars. The system consisted of a base plate that could be slid easily under my seat cushion even when I was in the chair. The base plate contains a receiver that accepts an upright post. In my case the upright was topped with a flexible support to hold a camera or binoculars. I didn't want to scavenge my existing upright to create one for a different purpose so I asked a local machinist to make me a second upright, which he did quickly for about $50. My shooting upright began life as a 25 inch length of solid round aluminium stock that was 1 inch in diameter. A hole 8 mm in diameter and 1 1/2 inches deep was drilled in this aluminium stock to accept a BOGgear XSR rifle rest or other BOGgear accessories. A collar was added to the upright, which allowed it to be adjusted to the desired height."

Acetal-Delrin Insert

                                      Top View 15" Long

Acetal-Delrin Insert:

The insert allows the 1 inch O.D. upright to fit with friction, i.e. no wiggle room. A quick word about this material...AMAZING! It's a type of plastic that can be machined. It comes in extruded round stock, square stock and flat pieces in various thicknesses and diameters. It's strong, light, slippery, resistant to chemicals or solvents, and can be machined into anything you can imagine.


The Receiver:

A hole, 1.5 inches in diameter, was cut near the front edge of the base plate. Next, the receiver piece was inserted into the hole and welded into place. A set screw-bolt, (silver circle above) incorporated into the receiver, allows the user to lock the upright in a rotational position of choice. I don't know this for sure but I believe the finish is a baked on powder coat. The finish is extremely tough and scratch resistant.

Mount with tubing

The upright, at the left above, is made from 2 pieces of aluminium with an elbow part way up and a flexible neck made from Loc Line which acts like a gooseneck. The Loc Line is capped with an aluminium bar that has a screw fastener for the receiving hole in a camera. These two adaptions make positioning the camera, binoculars or spotter's scope much easier. Matt's new upright can be seen in the picture on the right.

Matt with an elk he shot

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          The Receiver


    View Of the Bottom

1 inch wide full-length runners were welded on each side of the base’s bottom. The runners serve two purposes. First, they stiffen the base. Equally important, the runners reduce the surface area in contact with the seat pan; making it easier to slide under the seat cushion.

Views of the bottom

            Old Upright

Old upright

Close up of Loc Line top

New rest

Matt with antelope

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