Alternative Bracket "Attachment":

The alternative bracket attachment, shown here, should NOT be used to support a gun mount. It is NOT designed to handle the recoil pressure from the firing of a weapon. Please look at the Universal Chair Mount.


Last May I  received a new wheelchair.  I wanted to transfer the bracket attachment from my old wheelchair to my new one. However, the design of my new chair created a problem.  The legs elevate and that presented a problem of how to attach the old bracket which had been bolted to the frame of my original chair.  I had my son remove the bracket thinking it would be relatively easy to come up with a new design.  The company that designed the old bracket attachment, Blackberry Technology, was nowhere to be found on the Internet.  I started looking through some catalogs for people with disabilities and found all the new systems were extremely expensive.  I did, however, see some devices which gave me an idea which would be simple and inexpensive to construct.  From time to time I had wondered how easy it would be to create a bracket device which would simply slip underneath your seat cushion and rest on the seat pan itself.  I contacted some friends of mine in Canada and they also thought it would be relatively simple to create a device to which we could mount the old bracket. They used a piece of ABS plastic (12" long by 8" wide by 3/8" thick) which can then be slipped underneath my seat cushion. One of the advantages of this is it can be easily removed.  The picture below shows the hardware we came up with.  It was relatively inexpensive and works just fine. Notice the bevel of the back edge.

Finished bracket

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On seat pan

Sliding under cushion

In place

Holding a table

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