Mounting a Treepod on Manual Chair:

A wild and crazy friend wants to take me duck hunting. He has done so much for me over the years, it's just amazing. He has a flat bottomed duck boat and I would have to be lowered into it at the Antique Boat Museum. Since I will have to hunt from my manual chair I started working on a way to hook the Deadshot Treepod on that chair. One can always buy an additional base and attach it to a piece of plywood. The adapted base would be placed on the floor of the boat and my manual chair would be placed on top of it. How, however, would the bottom of the bolts affect the bottom of the boat?  An alternative option would be to connect the mount to the chair itself. That would be my preference. Below is a picture of my Quickie manual chair. You can see there are 2 tubes, one below the other, parallel to the floor.

Shows mounting tubes

Explanation of attachment

The plates will not be connected to the same U Bolt but rather to the top arm of the U Bolt on the other side of the Treepod post. The other plate will connect the same way on the lower arms. The procedure is then repeated on the other piece of frame tubing. Unfortunately, the elevation using just the inner tube was not sufficient so I ordered an additional outer base from which the foot plate was removed using a hacksaw. The modified outer base was then attached to the wheelchair in the same way described above. It was amazing how firm the Deadshot Treepod was attached to the manual chair. The inner post was inserted into the base post and can be adjusted as necessary.


While shooting on the wing will be a challenge, my friend, indicates you can shoot some ducks along the water and don't have to always take wing shots. I may replace the string firing devise with a second cable tie which will enable firing using my hand. Either way I'll have a lot of time to practice.


Please understand, as in anything you do, there are certain inherent risks involved. Try this modified set up at your own risk.


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Outside set up

Inside set up

Bracket attachment

Inside look at U-Bolts

Diagram of base cut

Cutting base with a hacksaw

Modified base tube

Cable tie fire

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