The Extreme 4 X 4:

Awesome!  That is the only way to describe the best Christmas present I ever received.  It came in the form of an Extreme 4x4 wheelchair.  The true gift was the return of my quality of life it facilitated.  For most of my life I was an outdoors man and a registered New York State Guide.  After my accident in February of 1999, which left me a quadriplegic, I thought my former lifestyle was a thing of the past. As my health and strength improved I longed to return to the out of doors.  The power wheelchair, I had was designed to be on the pavement and in the shopping mall not off road.  Almost every time I ventured off-road I had problems, including being stuck on my lawn after a heavy dew. Most resulted in my wife trying to push me back on the pavement. Just prior to Christmas 2002 I received my Extreme 4x4. It has all-terrain vehicle tires, a motor for each wheel and two gel type batteries.


Living in a rural area of northern New York close to the Canadian border I'm surrounded by abandoned farms, rugged terrain, Lake Ontario beaches and harsh winters.  Now I'm able to drive through overgrown fields, on old abandoned roads, snow, frozen icy ground as well loose and packed sand beaches.  The chair has been up to any of the challenges I've been able to come up with. The Extreme 4x4 opened up a world, which I thought had been taken away from me.


This model is no longer available and has been replaced by the Extreme X8, which I understand is very similar. The cost of that new chair is much less than most power wheelchairs. Since I purchased my Extreme so long ago I have had to replace the motors and a number of other parts which is the result of normal wear.


Over the years the chair has stood up very well to the abuse I subject it to when outdoors. This year 2015 I finally bought the new Extreme X8  and gave the old chair to a former student of my wife's.


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