Controlling A Bottle:

One way I control a reusable bottle, like a water bottle, is to use two cable ties. Place the first one around the bottle in a groove if there is one. Before you pull the tie tight, place the second tie through the first and then pull the first one tight. Connect the second one together forming a nice loop. Cut off the excess tie ends and you’re in business. Notice the grip tape on the bottle making holding it a lot easier.


I love diet Mountain Dew! It can raise my blood pressure if it is low. However, even a Dew can cause trouble. As a result of my poor grip and limited range of motion I can knock the bottle over very easily and have done so on my computer keyboard, a jigsaw puzzle and a book I was reading. The sticky fluid can cause quite a mess, as my wife likes to remind me as she cleans it up. The solution to the problem is to set the bottle in the hole in a roll of duct tape. This allows me to get a firm grip on the bottle before I lift it.


I have yet to find a bottle holder which does not stick out from my chair and eventually gets caught in a tight spot. Finally, I decided to make something myself. I cut a large S-hook with a hacksaw making a J which was then taped on the right arm support. When using a bottle to which I attached cable ties it works fine. If the J slips put some tape below it.


Most days I enjoy a couple bottles of diet Mountain Dew. Quadriplegics are discouraged from drinking carbonated soda but I do so anyway. We put a liter bottle in the refrigerator with the cap off so it loses carbonation while it sits there. I have problems, at times, controlling the smaller bottle my wife fills. Here's a simple little device made out of a shoelace and barrel slide (aka nylon pinch clip). Tie the shoelace in a loop. Slide the loop end through the hole in the barrel slide and you’re in business. It can easily be placed on the neck of the bottle and tighten. This greatly improves one's ability to manipulate the bottle. You can get barrel slides in any outdoor store or probably a place like JoAnn fabrics. It's simple to reuse.


Finally, we have the problem of picking up a dropped bottle, both full and empty. Looking below, one can see the process of picking up a full bottle using the Rope and Hook. This solution does not work as well with an empty bottle which just seems to roll away when touched by the tool. A better technique is to slide the hook of The Shaft into the hole in the neck of the bottle and lift it up.

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Water bottle with 2 cable ties making a loop handle

Bottle in Duk tape

Hook on power chair

Neck loop on bottle

Neck loop with bottle cap

Picking up empty bottle

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