Quadriplegic Shooting Clay Pigeons

Every once in a while Handihelp gets a letter asking if we have any ideas or information on adaptions which will help a quadriplegic to fire a shotgun for birds on the wing. There are some devices available on the Internet, but they are usually expensive and I have no idea how well they work.


Imagine my surprise when I opened an email from my friend Andy Dahmen. He had the opportunity to go with Chairbound Sportsman on a clay pigeon shoot. With only a few minor adaptions he was able to shoot clay pigeons. I share this information with all of you to remind you should "never say never" and there is usually a way to do most things.


Andy wrote"Yesterday I did something I never thought I would be able to do. The Chairbound Sportsman had a clay pigeon shooting activity. I was able to shoot a shot gun on my own without the Deadshot Treepod support. I used my friend’s small 20 gauge single shot shotgun. It is pretty light. He attached a strap on the front of the stock that you can slip your hand through and pull the gun into your shoulder. With that action you use more of your biceps and I was able to hold the gun up. My friend normally uses his index finger to fire the gun but I just could not do that one. I had one of the support guys tie a piece of bailing twine around the trigger and created about a 2” loop. I was able to get my thumb in that and pulled the trigger that way."

Good look at front sling and trigger string

One of the challenges, Andy said, was holding the gun up with no trunk muscle. You can see in the pictures he has slid outward in his wheelchair. A bungee cord was wrapped around his chest and the back of the wheelchair to help give him a little more support. A web belt with no elastic would probably provide more support. He had them take some videos and pictures so you can see what he's talking about.

"I never thought I was going to be able to do that. I am glad my friend talked me into trying. I actually hit quite a few of the clay pigeons."

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Front sling

Trigger loose

Gaining control

Ready to fire


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