More Deadshot Treepod Options:

Andy Dahmen, has mounted the Deadshot TreePod on his All-Terrain Vehicle. Andy won a hunt for antelope in Wyoming in early October. The trip is provided by Chairbound Hunters of Utah.


While getting ready to mount the Treepod in the ATV Andy attached the base of the mount to a piece of 3/4" plywood and then placed his manual chair on the plywood next to the post. He told me he was amazed at the stability, so much so he was going to buy an extra base ($55) so he can shoot more often without having to get in the ATV. All you would have to do is replace the metal tree stand base, see picture at the right, with a piece of plywood.  I have taken liberties with the picture below to show what the set up would look like.

Using a plywood base

Another Innovation from Caldwell

Caldwell obviously knows what a winner they have with the TreePod. They have now come out with a Blind Clamp to give yet another option to hunters. While I have no direct knowledge of this accessory, but believe it could benefit members of the disabled community I'm sure it can be adapted to work for some of us. The potential of this mounting system is unlimited. The pictures and description are from Caldwell description.


Blind Clamp ($40) – Available at Cabela's adds some versatility to your DeadShot TreePod, the Blind Clamp receives and delivers bench rest stability to the upper swing arm of the TreePod. The clamp's two steel plates securely sandwich around the wall material of most box blinds or a single plate can be attached with screws to the blind's wooden wall.

Clamp mounted on 2x4

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Winning the trip

Mount on treestand

Deadshot Treepd plywood mount

A buck taken from a similar set up

Blind Clamp

Clamp set up in a blind

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