Wheelchair Table:

When I originally set up Handihelp I envisioned it as a place where individuals with disabilities could share ideas and devices they have come up with or found to ease their daily frustrations and make life a little easier.


Here's a letter I got May 7, 2012 from Christina and Mark Dlugozima who have come up with a simple and inexpensive wheelchair table. This is a very good example of a simple solution to solve challenge you face.


Christina writes: "I came across your website today!  What a neat place, to get such great, creative ideas.  We are new to the paraplegic community, but we have already come up with a few ideas of our own!


I have attached a few pictures.  One is of the table we built using pvc pipe, some conduit clamps and a piece of wood!  It slips right over the arms of the wheelchair. Much more sturdy, and way less expensive than anything else we saw." Handihelp contacted them and they the rest of the information.


"We bought a long piece of PVC pipe, and used a table saw to cut it into 2 pieces.  We did have to take the foam off the wheelchair handlebars for a better fit.  With the pipes on the arms of the wheelchair we place a board on the pipes to see what size we wanted to cut the wood.  After we got the wood cut to size we marked where we would want the clamps screwed in.  We screwed in the clamps, just basic pipe clamps, 4 of them. We found a stain that we like with polyurethane to protect the wood. So for $18.00 and about an hour of work, we had a table! Mark now uses it for cooking, laptop, and paper work ect."

Ready to use

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Finished product

Side view

Underside of table

Clamp in  place


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