Sitting Up Or Bending Forward In Bed:

As the years have gone by the repetition, almost 15 years now, of pulling me upright every night to remove the sling from behind me was causing my wife constant pain. I have gotten heavy since my accident which only added to the problem. I have seen a commerical product like a ladder that fastens to the end of the bed. While this would not work for me it started me thinking.


Since my bed has a footboard we started there. We had a web belt from the rehab hospital which was fastened around the footboard of the bed and a chain of web loops. However, before it was buckled together the loops on both  ends of the chain were placed inside the belt. The loops work great for me because I have no grip strength so I slide my hands in the loop until my wrists are in the loops and then pull.  Mine was done this way because I have to use both arms to pull myself up. When you want to use it the loops are pulled up toward the individual in the bed.  If the distance the loops need to reach needs to be adjusted it can be done in a number of ways. The belt around the footboard can be loosened increasing the length the loops reach. Another way would be to add loops to the chain of loops. A third way, if the individual is strong enough, is only passing one end of the loop chain through the belt before it is fastened to the bed frame.


The loops are made from a single piece of webbing, about 1.5" or 2” wide.  THe ends are then overlapped about 2" and then 2 sewn together. Use heavy thread and follow the pattern below. When the ends are sewn together the loop is about 10” long. The second loop is then placed in the first and is stitched closed. Using this technique you can make a chair of loops as long as you want.

Stitching pattern

      Stiching Ends On A Loop                          Stiching Highlighted

There are some alternative ways to connect the loop chain to the bed if there is no footboard or you don’t have a strong belt. It is often possible to fasten the loops to the bed frame or if that does not work attach them to a board, like a transfer board, and place that between the mattress and box springs or mattress and floor.

Puling myself up

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Loop chain

Overlap webbing to make loop

Belt with loops around footboard

Loops on bed

Hand in loops

Sliding board

Sliding board with loops attached

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