Handi Ideas from Others:

When I originally set up this website I envisioned it as a place where other individuals with disabilities could share ideas and devices they have come up with or found to ease their daily frustrations and make life a little easier. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Button Board this has not happened. A few days ago, however, I received an e-mail from Dan Caliendo who is a T10 paraplegic and he wanted to share some of the ideas he has come up with. All these ideas are relatively simple and inexpensive.


To close doors he installs a "robe hook" on doors about 6" from the hinge side. This makes it easy to reach back and close a door from the wheelchair.


To "sweep" the garage and shed floors Dan uses a Makita rechargable blower. He wishes he had thought of this before his accident as it is much

easier to blow out the garage floor than to sweep it even if able bodied. Blowers come in gas or electric, and range in price. Dan doesn't like gas engines since he has trouble starting them. He prefer the rechargable blower.


After spending $30 each for reachers from medical supply outfits over the years, he discovered Home Depot now sells a much better reacher for about $20.


Dan hung a trapeze bar over his side of the bed via a large hook screwed into the ceiling joist. This makes it much easier to move around in bed, sit up and get dressed. The cheap "trapeze bar" is a triangular shaped pull toy from a pet store. Hung with a nylon rope over the hook makes it easy to remove "when company is coming".


Don's trapeze

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