The Strap:

I have had this “tool” as long I can remember. It is quite functional so I decided to add it to the website. I did not include it originally because I built the website in the winter and I use the strap exclusively outside. It is a piece of tubular webbing about an inch wide ($0.35/ft.).  My wife has sewn three hand loops on it, one on each end and one in the middle. The middle loop is used when I need to regrip if I am lifting something heavy. One of the end loops has a rapid link in it to which I have attached a trap drag. Years ago I ran a winter trap line and had several of these left over. The drag is very similar to a grappling hook you often see in the movies. As you can see it has two hooks, but if you look closely you will notice the way the hooks are twisted. It is the twist which makes the hooks so functional. When I first thought about constructing this I thought about using large fishing hooks but as far as I knew they were flat. They are also sharp and since I have no feeling in 80% of my body, that did not seem like a good idea. It was at this point I remembered the trap drags stashed in our old chicken coop. The points are not very sharp but I filed them down anyway.  The original piece of webbing was about 9 feet long, each hand loop is roughly 6 inches, and the finished length is now a little over 6 feet. The strap is helpful if you want to tow or drag something along, for closing doors and for many other odd jobs.

The Strap

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The hook

Towing a dead bush

Moving a case

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