Mounting A Deadshot Treepod On An ATV:

UPDATE Andy drew an elk permit for 2015. The season opened Saturday September 12. After having no luck on the weekend he went out Monday. In his own words: "We hunted that morning from the 4 wheeler. We could not see the elk that serenaded us so we moved on. We heard a couple of bugles that morning but nothing close. We were just watching a good hill side and I caught a glimpse of an elk way up the hill coming into a small really brushy opening. My friend said it was a big bull so we got excited. The elk was not moving very much at all and it turned and was heading back towards the trees. I thought I might as well try a shot because it was not going to come any closer. My friend has a range finder and told me it was around 560 yards. I knew that was a long ways. I have to admit the treepod worked really well. In my 4 wheeler it was really steady even at that range."

Andy's 6X6 elk

Andy Dahmen, my buddy from Utah, has mounted the Deadshot Treepod on his all-terrain vehicle (ATV), a Polaris RZR, for a hunting trip he won in Wyoming. The trip is provided by Chairbound Hunters of Utah and is for antelope.


Andy shortly after he shot

As fall hunting season approaches, Handihelp wants to show how many ways the Deadshot Treepod can be adapted for use by individuals with a disability. Andy hunts from his ATV and brought a Treepod with the intent of attaching it to his ATV. He had already had one opportunity to hunt from an ATV shortly after his injury. He was taken hunting by a local group who give  opportunities to individuals confined to wheelchairs. Andy was able to harvest an elk using a homemade gun mount on an ATV provided by the group.


Andy realized the potential of the Treepod and believed it could be easily attached to his Polaris ATV, which has been modified so he can drive. I should also add he is a very responsible driver as you can see at the right. (He's really in there)

Picture of hand controls

Unlike those of us who hunt in the East, western hunters are often taking shots anywhere from 100 to 400 yards. For someone with a disability hunting in the West the functioning of the gun mount is of critical importance for these longer shots. Andy told me his field of fire has increased quite a bit and is now around 35% on the right and over 45% on the left. According to him the unit is extremely stable, steady yet remains easily adjustable.


At one point he thought the mount would have to be attached to the outside frame because of the lack of room inside the vehicle but to his surprise that was not the case. They just mounted the base foot that came with the Treepod right to the floor of the 4 wheeler. The backing plate that came with it was used and they just drilled holes right through the floor. "We mounted it on the passenger's side up forward as much as we could and right next to the outside side wall so that it would not be in the way to transfer." This means there are no adaptions necessary to mount it on an ATV. For another way to set up the Deadshot Treepod see More Treepod Options.

Good look at the set up

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 Andy's Antelope 2014

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Taking aim


Foot plate on the floor

Right on


The elk

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