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A Far Cry

The purpose of this webpage is simply to help people with disabilities access the outdoors.


Disability and mobility aids services and advice for disabled people and those with special needs

Access Anything

Adaptive adventure travel consultants, educators, speakers and writers share their advice, travel tips, and expertise to readers with disabilities throughout the globe.

Access to Recreation

An online store with all types of recreation equipment for people with  disablities.  A little pricey for me, but can be a source for ideas which can be found or made for less money than the catalog prices.


Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Forum for Complete and Incomplete Quadriplegics and Paraplegics and wheelchair

users Paralyzed with a Spinal Cord Injury.


BACKBONES exists to provide free support for people with spinal cord injury and their families. Through our network we facilitate telephone, in-person, or web-based connections and encourage growth by the sharing of experiences and ideas.

Bed Sore FAQs

Answers for families coping with pressure sores. Much of the information on this site is developed by people without a medical degree. While we intend for this site to be informative and valuable as a resource, this site is intended to be for informational purposes to the general public and is not intended to take the place of a consultation with a physician or medical professional.

Christopher Reeve Foundation

The Reeve Foundation is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury by funding innovative research, and improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy.

College Resources for Students with Disabilities

With the advances of adaptive technologies and trend toward progressive legislation, prospective college students with disabilities now have countless resources available to make their transition to postsecondary education less stressful.

Scholarships & Financial Aid for Students with Disabilities

Discover scholarships, both narrowly- and broadly-focused, that can help students with disabilities pay for their educations, as well as additional resources for obtaining funding.

Craig Hospital

Located in Englewood Colorado this rehabilitation hospital provides a lot of online information and has an extensive recreational program.


Dangerwood places individuals with spinal cord injuries and other forms of paralysis in a position to help themselves and others with the many problems that result from these conditions.  It is a meeting place to collectively address the extensive needs and concerns often encountered on a daily basis. Nick Danger and Rica are on right.

Designs by Inspiration

Dedicated to developing products that will enhance the lives of individuals with developmental delays and neurological disorders.

Disabled World

This site is supplying disability information, opportunities, products and resources to the worldwide disability community.


Provides easy access to a wide range of information, resources, services and products of interest to people with disability, their families and carers, health professionals and service providers in the disability sector.

Facing Disability For Families Facing Spinal Cord Injuries

Facing Disability is a web resource with more than 1,000 videos drawn from interviews of people with spinal cord injuries, their families, caregivers and experts.

The Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure

(FSCIPCC) is a non-profit educational group dedicated to the prevention, care and cure of spinal cord injuries through public awareness, education and funding research.

How to Adapt

HowTo Adapt is a forum for individuals to show how they personally learned to adapt to their challenges. If you wish to try any of these ideas or activities you should discuss them with a doctor or a qualified expert to make certain they are appropriate for you. Just be careful, and above all,  Be safe!

Ideas Online

The IDEAS' website provides a high quality accessible web portal for people with disability and people with age related disability, their families, carers and other supporters to access and search for information that promotes their independence

Innovation in Motion

You have probably noticed that in many of the pictures I am in a very unique wheelchair.  It is called the Extreme 4x4 and actually has all-terrain vehicle tires and four-wheel drive.  I've had it now for about six years and absolutely love it.  You can find out more about it on the above website.

International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

ICDRI mission includes the collection of a knowledge base of quality disability resources and best practices and to provide education, outreach and training based on these core resources.

Lissette's Goal to Walk

Project Walk Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center is located in Carlsbad, California and it has been improving the lives of people with SCI for 9 years through their intense exercise-based program. With their assistance Lissette is determined she’ll walk again.

Manual Mobility & Murry's Trike Links

These websites concentrate on mobility items and ideas that relate to the webmaster who has a C2 spinal cord injury although much of the info will be useful for people with other injuries.

New Mobility

New Mobility magazine's site for wheelchair users includes a wealth of articles, active message boards, a calendar of events, links and classifieds.

New York State Inclusive Recreation Resourse Center

The mission of the Center is to promote and sustain participation by people with disabilities in inclusive recreation activities and resources throughout the state.

Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

A website and organization focused on providing post-secondary information for students and learners across the world. Our organization recently published a new resource that supports the families and students with disabilities


A social network and support resource for friends, family, and victims of spinal cord injury

Social Security and Disability Resource Center

This website provides a detailed overview of how the federal disability system works (social security disability and SSI) and also provides answers to many questions that applicants typically have, but often have trouble finding answers to.

Spinal Cord Injury

The online authority for information about living after a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury.

Spinal Cord Injury Information

Description: Quadriplegic, paraplegic and caregiver resources for those living with a spinal cord injury or other disabling injuries or disease of the spine.


SportAid has a great selection of sports wheelchair, wheelchair cushions, and wheelchair accessories.

The Spinal Cord Injury Zone

This site has information and resources for people living with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). The Spinal Cord Injury Zone includes, Spinal Cord Injury News Updated almost Daily with the Latest Spinal Cord Injury News Articles. This is the place to find the latest Spinal Cord Injury News and stem cell research.

Transdental Meditation For Vets

A safe and effective method to bring relief from the adverse effects of post traumatic stress in the lives of soldiers and veterans. The Transcendental Meditation technique has been found by scientific research to significantly reduce anxiety, depression, and other symptoms of PTSD. It has been found effective in restoring resilience both for soldiers on active duty and for veterans returning home.

Turning Point Nation

Our mission is to develop self esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities. Our activities include, but not limited to, fishing, kayaking, hunting, water skiing, scuba, boating, hand cycling and skeet. 

Wheelin' Sportsmen

Wheelin' Sportsmen NWTF provides people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. Its magazine, Wheelin' Sportsmen, and its Website are dedicated to the education and entertainment of these enthusiasts and their outdoor partners.

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