Improving Grip

Being a quadriplegic I have very little strength in my grip.  Naturally my hands are permanently in a loose fist position as you can see at the right. I am unable to move them at all without flexing my wrists.  I am always dropping things. For many activities my hands must be strapped on an object for me to use it effectively.  I'm constantly looking for an inexpensive material that will enable my hands to better hold on to an object. This page contains information on some other the different products I use.


Foam: Foam, which comes in a number of consistencies, can be used in a variety of ways. It has the ability to build up surfaces and to provide protective cushioning to mention just a few. Less dense foam can minimize pressure, if necessary. Foam sheets with adhesive backing are now available in a variety of widths, lengths, thicknesses as well as in spray cans. They can be found in most craft stores and on the internet.


Grip Tape

After posting an article on my forum Learned Empowerment on Christopher Reeve website on “stops” and how I use them. I got a response from a group member telling me about what he called friction paper. One side of the paper has a sandpaper like texture and the other side has an adhesive for pasting it on surfaces. It comes in a sheet and is available in two consistencies rough and smooth. It can be purchased at local skateboard shops. The rough surface makes gripping an object a lot easier for an individual with minimal grip. Grip tape is the proper name. It comes in a sheet which is 9 inches wide and approximately 3 feet in length. The cost was $5.00 a sheet.

Grip Gloves

For years I have been searching for a pair of grip gloves that would let you grip an object without having to worry about them sliding or loosening. This is the pair to buy.

Compression Bandage Wrap

Compression wrap placed on almost any surface makes gripping that surface much easier. The product is marketed under different brand names which are advertised as a “strong self-adhering bandage that provides firm support and compression during strenuous activities.” It also adheres nicely to a variety of surfaces making those surfaces much easier to hold onto. I buy mine at the local drug store and I understand they are available, at less cost, anywhere horse products are sold as it is also used to wrap horses’ legs. On the right you can see two tools shafts one with the wrap and one without it. If used on objects which will be exposed to the weather it will only last about a year.

Friction Tape

Improves any surface for gripping, such as the shafts of small hand tools and can be used to make “Stops” which helps controlling long handled tools. Friction tape can be purchased at any hardware store.

Grip Tape

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