Adapting A Remington 7400

Traded my Remington 700 in a .308 caliber to a neighbor for a Remington 7400 in a .270 caliber. The major advantage for me is that the new rifle is semi-automatic which means a second shot opportunity is almost instantaneous. My .308 was a bolt action which took me a while to chamber of second round. The 7400 had a 6 x 9 scope on it which I was not interested in because parallax is a major problem for someone in a wheelchair. I asked Mike if he would place my 2 power red dot scope on the new rifle. Mike agreed and took both home with him.


Little did I realize that he was going to improve the other adaptions I had put on the .308. A few days later he brought the gun back and I was amazed at the improvements he had made to my adaptions. I had placed my Poor Man's Trigger Adapter (PMTA) on the .308 as well as a hose clamp on the scope dial which would enable me to turn the scope a little bit easier. As you can see from the pictures included Mike took the PMTA a major step further. He drilled a hole in the trigger itself and the back  trigger guard and threaded a 30 pound fishing leader through them and then crimped one end on the trigger itself. Where the leader came out in the back of the trigger guard, he threaded it through a piece of plastic tubing which had been taped on the left side of the stock grip. Where it emerged on the top of the stock he fastened it to a string that would allow me to still fire the weapon using my mouth.

New trigger set up

The other major change, which is a tremendous improvement to what I had done, is the replacement of the hose clamp on the dial on the red dot scope. Even with the hose clamp on the dial itself, it was still quite difficult to turn. Mike took a PVC couple which fit snugly on the dial, drilled a hole through the top and placed a rigid plastic tube through the hole that stuck out on either side. I had my nurse tape one end of the tubing flush to the PVC and then cut off the excess and then shorten the piece of tubing left on the right side. It is now incredibly easy to turn the dial and I look forward to putting a similar adaption on my 12 gauge shotgun. Mike is extremely handy, but I was still surprised at the improvements he had made to the adaptions I had already created.

PVC adapter on scope dial

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New rifle

Old PMTA set up

Wire on new trigger

Trigger wire

Hose clamp on scope dial

PVC Couple

Deer on Trail Cam

Ready to fire

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