I am using stops more and more so I have decided to have them on a regular page by themselves and not just in the Handi-Hints section as before. I believe more people will be exposed to this idea if it is presented on its own page. I use what I call "stops" for many different purposes. My hands are normally in a loose grip position. It is almost impossible for me to grip anything tightly. In order to hold on tight my hands must be strapped on the object. I noticed lacrosse and hockey players wrap tape repeatedly around the same spot on their sticks to prevent their hands from sliding off the stick.  I have done this with friction tape, which you can get in any hardware store, and it has worked very well enabling me to do some things with greater ease. If my hand slides up the handle it will come to rest against the stop which prevents any further upward movement. On a long handle you can, place several stops on the shaft of the tool any distance apart. As you move your hand up the shaft the stops will allow you to lift the tool up even when there is some weight on the bottom or if your ability to raise your arms is compromised. Compression wrap can be placed below the stop to increase your ability to hold. On some long handles which are very smooth the stops may have a tendency to slide. This can easily be  prevented by placing a few drops of Crazy Glue where you want the stop and then sliding the stop over the glue and giving it a chance to dry in place. The homemade tool I'm using to pick up the gallon of water I call The Shaft.

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Making a Stop


Using a stop inside

Using one outside