Raised Garden Box Plans:

                    DRAWING NOT TO SCALE

All Lumber is Pressure Treated

It is important to note here that the measurements for this box are based on the individual and the wheelchair they are in rather than some arbitrary numerical measurements. The height of the opening of the box should be a few inches higher than the arms of their wheelchair. If you are unsure of the measurements  make a template out of cardboard first and try it with the individual.

Side view of opened end

Side view closed end

The distance across the box should be less than half the individual's reach so they will be able to work the entire box area. While these plans originally called for 3/4" exterior plywood for the bottom of the box but 2 sheets of exterior plywood.

Top View

Ground cover around the boxes is of concern also. My flower boxes are on the lawn and don't usually need a lot of attention. Usually I wait 'til the lawn is dry to access them. The vegetable boxes are a different story. I placed several inches of stone dust around them, leveled it off, wetted it down and then rolled it with a 400 pound roller. If compacted with the proper pressure, stone dust becomes like pavement. Obviously 400 pounds is not enough pressure. After a good rain the surface becomes loose and mushy so I must roll it again. In the Spring I am going to try Soil Cement.

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Assembling box

Getting soil ready




Ready to havest

Lettuce is ready

Foxy loves the boxes

Working a box

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