Homemade Swing Away Cup Holder:

Deciding to buy a wheelchair cup holder brings with it a plethora of problems. Many are extremely expensive while other are inexpensive and many are poorly made. Another problem can be the fact that they are often fixed in one place on the chair. If the cup is mounted on the outside of the arm this will often create problems when negotiating tight openings such as doorways. If the holder is fixed in front of the arm it will interfer when drawing close to a table. It is because of this very problem most power chairs have a swing mount for the toggle unit.


Over the years I have tried many different way to solve this dilemma unsuccessfully. A variey of holders were been purchased online and there were always problems. After a while I began try to make one myself. One involved cutting the curve end off an "S" hook to make a "J" which was then taped to my chair. I then hooked a water bottle on it.


Finally, after a long time I decided to try to make one again. I looked on the internet and found a picture of one, on sale for $79 that gave me the idea I needed. Quite a while ago I bought 2 hard plastic holders. You can see one in the first picture. One is taped on my 4 wheeler and the other just sat in the garage for the reasons mentioned above.  As usual I began with the sketch shown below. Starting with a diagram lets you see potential problems you may not have thought about.

Cup Holder Plans

Two pieces of right angle shelf mount braces were purchased. The first piece was cut into an angle with both sides 1.25" long. Then one side attached to the cup. The second brace was cut to get one 4" piece. A bolt was used to join the 2 sections together. A plastic flat washer was placed beteen the 2 piece of metal to prevent the bolt from turning and a lock nut was put on the bolt. You can see the finished product in the picture. On the right is the Mountain Dew Bottle I take outdoors with me. It has strips of grip tape on it to help with gripping, a string to help me lift it out of the holder and a cap on a string so I don't litter. 

Finished Product


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