Quad Mitts:

Another problem that I had was trying to keep my hands warm when I was outside.  My fingers are pretty tightly clenched into a fist position.  It was very difficult for my wife or nurse to put regular gloves on my hands.  It quickly became evident that mittens would work best.  Unfortunately, mittens created problems of their own.  It was impossible to keep my thumb in the thumb of the mitten.  The major problem with mittens however, was that once I took them off I was unable to get them back on by myself.  So I designed what I like to call Quad Mitts. They have an opening at each end with the front one tighter. I was able to get my wife's friend to knit a trial pair and they worked extremely well.  The picture below shows the pattern that we used.  Note that the cuff is extra long and can be folded over what I am wearing so I don't have to worry about them coming off. When I need to use my bare hand I just push it though the hole in the front end and then pull the end back over my hand when I am finished. I am a big man so you may need to adjust the measurements according to your own size. If you know someone who will knit for you maybe you want to think about a pair of sleeves (my arms are always cold) and/or leg warmers. Often in the morning I will have my nurse put my sleeves on with a tee-shirt and then I will take them off when the day warms up. These can also be purchased from a cycling catalog like Performance Bike.

Quad Mitts Pattern

When I realized the number of times I was wearing my Quad Mitts without using the front opening were increasing I decided to ask my neighbor to knit me a “regular” pair of mittens but omit the “sleeve” for the thumb. They are easy to get on and warmer than the Quad Mitts.

Ice fishing with Quad Mitts-One hand out, One hand in

Knit mittens allow some air to penetrate especially in cold weather. If you have spent any time outside in the winter you may have heard of over-mittens. They are mittens made to go over regular mittens to keep out wind and precipitation. I wanted to get a pair without thumbs to made taking them on and off easier so I went on line and found Luke's Ultralite who make a variety of outdoor products. Much to my delight they were more than happy to make a thumb less pair for me.

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