Loop Handles:

I like to put handles on everything I can. Not only does it make it easier to use and control things, but it also makes picking them up a lot easier. As you can see at the right I use many different kinds of handles.  Probably what I use most is Velcro.  There are three different types of Velcro that I use.  The first has an adhesive backing and I take the hook side and stick it on the object.  Then I take a loop of smooth fabric Velcro and fasten it to the hooks.  Industrial strength Velcro is a lot stronger and will support more weight than most people think.  The second type of Velcro will adhere to itself.  You can make a loop and tape it to an object to make a handle (as on the paper pickup tool).  The final type contains a section of smooth and a section of burr.  Each section can be sewn to cloth or fastened to an object. Then connect them to each other. You can also use Velcro to hold objects in place if they tend to slip away from you when you try to use them.  I do this quite a bit with power strips. Stick the hook part of the Velcro on a surface (desk, table, night stand) and the fabric side on the underside of the object you want to remain in place (radio, alarm clock, bed control) and stick them together.


I use wire or cable ties quite a bit.  You can purchase them inexpensively in a variety of sizes at any hardware store.  When I form a loop with the wire ties I always have someone cut the excess off to prevent the loop from getting any smaller. A wire tie loop on the slide of a zipper makes it much easier to pull up or down. It is also possible to use two cable ties to make a handle as in the picture of the water bottle. I also use a cable tie to make the Poor Man's Trigger Adapter.


A different type of handle which can be placed on tools used outside is a loop made from a tire inner tube.  The inner tube from a bicycle tire also works very well.  You can usually get them at any bicycle repair shop for nothing.  Cut the inner tube to twice the desired length and tie the ends together with an overhand knot.  Place the loop on the handle of the tool using the prussick knot shown at the right.  Place your wrists through the loop and now you have much better control over the tool you're using.


Another handle I have used for years I called a phone holder. I got them at the rehabilitation hospital many years ago. I recently found out they can be purchased from Patterson Medical and are called Universal Holder ($20.) You can wrap the Velcro belt around an object, feed it back through the buckle and pull it tight; or as I have done with the portable phone, you can cut the Velcro off and use Velcro to attach it.


Other things that also can be used are shoelaces, the tie from a pair of sweatpants, a strip of cloth or small piece of string or webbing depending on what you want to do with them. Handles make picking an object up much easier. The Hook and Rope works great for this.


I have yet to find a bottle holder which does not stick out from my chair and eventually gets caught in a tight spot. Finally, I decided to make something myself. I cut a large S-hook with a hacksaw making a J which was then taped on the right arm support. When using a bottle to which I attached handles it works fine. If the J slips put some tape below it.

Loop on a book

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