Electrobond: It's Really Simple

I have had the pleasure of being contacted by a young woman, Bonnie, who has been cataloging and creating shortcuts and tools to lessen frustration in her life for quite a while. As you can see from her statement of purpose we share a commonality of purpose:


Living with a disability can mean dealing with a number of difficulties and obstacles every day. It can be difficult coming up with solutions for many tasks because they are not issues most people face. My site is for the purpose of sharing solutions I have come up with over the years. I hope my ideas will save others with similar disabilities time and frustration in figuring out how to get things done.



Bonnie has given this name to a simple inexpensive device she uses to pick light things up off the floor. Take an inexpensive Self-Adhering Electrode and tie the wire end together with the end of a piece of cord or a shoelace.Taping the ends together sees to work better than a knot. Put a loop in the other end for a handle.  When ready to use remove the plastic cover and you're in business. Lower the electrode down to the object. Give it a few seconds to adhere and then lift. After using the "tool" the plastic can be placed back over the sticky side until you need it again. If the electrode dries out just put some water on it and it will become tacky again. There are many other cleaver organizational ideas on her You Tube Channel. I also took  another electrode and fastened it to a large flat washer using a piece of two way tape. I use it with the telescoping magnet and it works great.

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Picking up paper with electrode


Electrode on a string

Electrode and magnet