Adapting A Camcorder:

When my old Panasonic camcorder, which was about as user-friendly as a product could be, stopped working I figured it would be no problem just buy another one. However, Panasonic was no longer making that model. Most of the Panasonic ones available were extremely expensive. After doing a little research I decided to buy a Sony. They pretty much looked the same, so I figured they pretty much work the same. MISTAKE!


The Sony initially was much less user-friendly than the old camcorder had been. Right away it became very obvious that there was much more resistance in the spring that held the LCD screen in place. Opening the LCD screen actually turn the camera on so that had to be dealt with. I take a lot of videos while I'm hunting and the screen needs to be opened with as little pressure as possible. Somehow that was going to be an adaption I had to make. In addition to opening the screen the camera's itself was very smooth and difficult for me to handle. Those would be two problems I'd have to rectify before I could even begin using the camera.


For a week or so I brainstormed how I could solve the problem of opening the screen easily. Any excessive movement would frighten game away. After progressing through a series of different ideas I decided the best approach was to lay something flat on the outside of the LCD screen and hold it in place with a piece of grip tape. Part of the flat object with stick out beyond the end of the camera and I could just push it to open the screen. At first, I considered using a tongue depressor, but I couldn't find one at home. Next, I thought about using a metal nail file, but the only one we had I was already being used for a different purpose. In speaking with my wife she suggested using a small hors d'oeuvres (appetizer) knife which she happened to have. Marge cut out the Grip Tape, placed a small blade of the knife on the camcorder's screen and placed grip tape on top of it covering the entire outside of the screen. This worked really well as the wooden handle of the knife stuck out several inches beyond the end of the camcorder. Now it was just a matter of me pushing the handle to open the screen. The opposite side was then covered with grip tape which greatly reduses the slipperiness. Finally a Wooden Handle added to give me more conmtrol. The camcorder will also mount on the new Flex-Cam Arm.

Camcorder closed and open

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Old camcorder

New camcorder

Hors d'oeuvres Knife

Knife blade under grip tape

With homemade handle

On Flex-Cam Arm

Taking video

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