Lap Tray:

As a result of my lack of hand strength and restricted range of motion most activities which require any type of hand movement and/or grip are difficult for me. Over the last 13 years I have spent quite a bit of time traveling in our van.  Activities, while in the van, such as eating a sandwich, an ice cream sundae, or even reading a book prove difficult. Recently, I thought how much easier it would be if I had a tray that would just sit on my lap without sliding allowing me to use it for a variety of purposes. As you can see, in the picture at the right, I had several different sized trays but decided to work with the middle sized one which measures 13" x 10". In order to keep the tray from sliding around on my lap I put two strips of Grip Tape on the underside of each long edge. The rough surface of the grip tape, when placed on my pants, prevents it from sliding. On the top of the tray I used a mesh material which is not attached to the tray so it can be washed if something spills on it. Finally, I wanted to tilt the tray toward me so I tried to use a piece of rigid foam attaching it to the front underside of the tray with a couple pieces of Velcro so it could easily be removed if desired. The rigid foam did not work because it left small particles of foam on my pants. We decided to try egg crate foam and that seemed to work fine. Tilting the tray in my direction helps if I want to read or levels the tray, if it is lying flat on my lap but is not level.


Inexpensive plastic trays can be purchased in a variety of sizes at ReStockit on line.

On my lap

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My hands

Variety of trays

Grip tape

Grip tape on bottom of tray

No skid cloth

Finished tray